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Build your Nation, Not your Ego

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Is our present Indian Government going to address governance at any point or are we going to keep oscillating between food menu and religion for the full term?

Why is loose talk by people in responsible positions across the board not being checked? What are the real issues we are being diverted from? Nation has major economic, governance, development challenges but public discourse continues to be about irrelevant issues, for months now. Why?

Issues that should exist at best in the private or social domain are now being obsessed in political, Government domain. Is this responsible? Leaders, Media, citizens and even some of our best minds are spending our resources addressing what we eat, who we pray to and how we party?

Political, social, art and media leaders are becoming slaves to their egos and rest of us are fueling or pricking it. Will that develop our nation?

We must ask ourselves - do we want to be a progressive developed nation or a bunch of bickeri…