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The Revolution is Dead

Lines are blurring between journalists, artists and spin doctors. Oh well what is the difference now anyway...used to be, not anymore.

There was a time when for journalists and artists, there was only one master - the public. Now they serve masters who claim to be servants. There was a time when journalism and art was about fighting fear. Today it is about propagating it, branding it, selling it & defending it.

Journalists, artists were outsiders breaking down walls for humans to stay free. Today we are the wall that contains minds from being free. Today, there are no outsiders. Only siders. We rush in like fools and side with puppeteers of our choice, ready to be played like a violin.

Revolution is dead. They never played our song. There are no rebels, no followers. Only masters and servants, feeding on corpses of us and them.

I don't have a child. I was a child. My father said be honest. If I have a child, would I tell him that? What would he do with it? This is 2015. Th…