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So ja Panchi

so ja panchi, so jaso ja O panchi, so jakal phir hai oodna, pankh fadakna, dana chugna, so jaso ja panchi, tu so jabaadal hai kaale, darr mat tu pyaare, badal hai kaale, darr mat tu pyaareKiRnain laayengee ujaale, so jaSo ja panchi, so jaso ja panchi, tu so jaNa samundar ke toofaan, na tooti yeh taani Na jheel ka gussa, Na bhayanak yeh baarish, rok paayengee tujko o praanee, so jaSo ja panchi, so jaSo ja o panchi, tu so jamatlab ki sena ya phir bhatka woh saathi

I want a potty seat made of Gold

The right question – Can we not succeed without aspiring for the obnoxious?
The adage born with a silver spoon has lost the sheen in post e reforms India and not because silver spoon is not a valuable commodity anymore but because almost everyone today has one.
Everyone also has a cell phone, credit cards, mode of transport, branded piece of clothing and even a hyper market loyalty card. This is the good news. There is no bad news as such but the strange news is that a lot of us aspire to have a lot more. At the face of it this too seems okay but when we dissect these aspirations we realize that “a lot more” stands for alarming proportions.
In New Delhi and Mumbai, you will find many moderately rich middle class families of 4 having 4 cars if not 5 to 6 cars. An LCD or plasma in every room, some even have a small size one fitted into the bathrooms. 2 big size fridge, a deep freezer, and mini fridge in the bar and bedrooms. Collection of shoes is no more a female domain, even a dom…

A Simple Kiss

So many houses on the way, not a single home for me
Happy families, folks and siblings
I wonder if they can ever be?Gangs, circle, clubs and friends
I am not in any one of theseMy side of bread
Neither has Jam, nor Butter,
not even a slice of cheeseSuch Tall trees in the forest,
and Buildings on the streets
not one of them I could ever reach
To make the world hear me scream24/7 million radio stations
not one playing my song for me
Daily soaps, Films and plays
have no character based on meexotic sweets, wine and chocolates
are all wasted on me,
the only taste I ever get,
is of the chilling winter breezeExpensive gifts, champagne weddings
and stretch limousines
Everyone wants it, is every one’s dream
Thank you but not for meThe only thing I ever wish?
…to feel a simple kiss.
if something like that still exists!
and comes for free…

The Joy of Living

We all look for a reason to live, we all must.
"When I was attending a film school in the early years of my career, I realized one fact about films that shook me up greatly – that films don’t really change people’s lives. People watch films for 2-3 hours, laugh, cry, get angry, become tense, feel sorry, sad and other emotions but after the film is over, they all go back to their day to day lives being just the way they were.

Their responses, outlook or attitude wasn’t affected by the emotions they experienced inside the dark room watching that film. Maybe their hairstyles and dress sense or way of speaking did but not their attitude, outlook or responses. If this was the case, then we would have eradicated corruption and violence long time ago from our society but alas such is not the case.
This made me wonder that if I am not making any worthwhile contribution to the society then what is the point of being a filmmaker?
So, I went around painfully exploring the purpose of becoming a …

The Hats

So futile are the lengths we go, to wear the many hats that protect our vulnerabilities, from the wrath of the Sun. If only we knew it was a dying star....