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You weren’t even there

I saw you in the morning, and you weren’t even there
But it sure smelt like you, the way you did right after the shower
When our love was still a bud of an uncrushed flower

That touch, it was so real, like your fingers running through my hair
Long back, when we still lived without much care
Your eyes were sparkling, the way they did every time you smiled
In those days when it was okay to be crazy and a little bit wild

I swear I saw you in the morning and I know you weren’t even there
The smell, the touch, your smile, my love was so real
Surreal is it not? That it could almost be a dream.
like getting wet in the rain just outside your house,
but the water could be from a faraway stream

This has happened to me before, this will happen to me again
I know you were never there and you will never be
But can you blame me for living on the possibility

- Amit Mehra

The Beginning of The End of The Beginning

The Beginning of the End of the Beginning

Where do I start? My Lord, Where do I start?

From Corrupt air I breathe? Or the cynical water I drink? Perhaps frustrated food I eat or even polluted people I meet...where do I start? My Lord, where do I start?

My special effects car has made the rays of the sun hazy, my artistic fridge has made holes in the ozone, of course this makes some people crazy
My friendly air conditioner has made general weather a bit lazy

Everyone blames me and yet I am not being cagey, I am asking you….where do I start? My lord, where do I start?

I bribed the cop who caught me stealing; I greased the palms to accelerate my bank account's healing
For some, I bought pleasure, For Some I brought pain
I worked through the day, and kept the goodnight sleep at bay
And yet no one is happy, no one is gay
I wonder if all this is in vain

Again, where do I start? My lord where do I start?

I touch my keyboard more than my wife; I can see the pressure in my veins rise but not the rate…

We are what we are

Here, I wish to explore how Man became the seflish animal as we know him today. Contributions from all selfish animals are more than welcome. Any incidents, anecdotes, famous historical events, personal experiences, confessions, anything is welcome as far as they qualify for selfish act by men. Here is my contribution:

For last few years me & my wife have been addicted to choclates. Now the rule is that we dont eat more than 1 choclate a day. and I mean 1 choclate bar between two of us. We usually have it post dinner. So, somedays She gets it from the fridge and breaks it into half and some days I do.

We love each other to death and would give our lives for each other at a drop of a hat but I noticed that in all these years, not once either of us have been able to make a fair 50-50 division of the choclate bar. Whoever breaks the choclate always keeps the biiger portion for himself or herself. And one always breaks it so that one piece is bigger than the other.

I have struggled for…

Who Told you we are Martians?

"Who told you we are called Martians?".....This is the first thing I expect to hear if & when I meet an alien from the planet WE call Mars. If we could find an authentic animal translater, I am sure the first thing we will hear animals say " who told you that we are called Penguins? or whales? or Tigers?".

I have always been amazed by this entire mass naming or branding exercise that has been going on in this world. Who names Planets, species, places, things, etc? What is the methodology? I mean I know scientist name planets and biologist name plants or species but are we all on board for all the names these guys come up with? Have we got a global consensus on each one of these names? I am pretty sure no one asked me before naming all of us Humans. Now whether I like it or not, I am stuck with it.

More interestingly, for all the intelliegent science fiction in the world, not one has touched on this issue. I for one cant recollect any science fiction story, book…

Who am I

Writer, filmmaker, man, husband, artist, impatient...any of these words could well be the defination of me but I am nothing if I am not lost...lost but always exploring new grounds to find the real me...Joining this lounge is also a step in that direction.

By the book - I am 2 short 40, Live in Bombay City (now Mumbai City) in India and have been working in the films, media and advertising industries here for last 17 odd years. I always wanted to be a filmmaker and wrote my first story at the age of 6 - It was titled "mystery of the last drop". A murder mystery, The story revolved around a mad scientist who discovers a mysterious poison which when mixed with drinks makes only the last drop poisonous. Unfortunately I couldn't complete this story as even I couldn't solve the mystery of the "poisonous last drop".

However, it did help make clear to me at a very early age that I will have a tough & twisted path to achieve creative success. Ofcourse, after gr…

You know my name

You know my name

In the darkness of the lane, in the street across the left pane
Of the window wet with rain, under the bed made of cane
You know who I am talking about, you know...
You know my name

In the cafe round the corner, sipping diet caffeine,
Talking on the cell, on a bad network range but there's no one out there...and it makes you feel insane
You know who I am talking about, you know...
You know my name

Under the cold shower, or burning from harsh Sun rays
Stuck in the endless jam or going down the lift again
Walking aimlessly in the mall, sifting through the racks
Looking for labels with familiar names
You know who I am talking about, you know...
You know my name

In the bitterness of the winters, in the nakedness of May
On top of a hill, underneath a shallow lake, inside a cave
Skydiving listening to Floyd, working with Bach, sleeping with Jerry, George & Elaine
You know who I am talking about, you know....
You know my name

O Father, Who are you?

O Father, Who are you?

Background 1: I have been married for a while now & we have decided not have kids.
Background 2: India, where I belong, has the 2nd largest population in the world

Years after we took that decision of not having any kids, I still ponder if we took the right decision. Largely because I look around myself and everyone keeps producing kids, irrespective of their financial, social or physical state. There's just nothing that can make people stop producing kids. Most people, at least in India, are going to great lengths & pains to have kids. Marriages are broken; relationships are made based on the abilities to produce kids.

This addiction, obsession to produce kids had been baffling me. I know the usual answers - circle of life, kids are sweet, innocent, it's natural, children complete us, we need children to carry on the legacy, so on and so forth. All true answers but when this producing kids business takes epidemic proportions like it has in India a…